Technology and Global Mobility – what’s new?

Crown’s Mobility experts discuss the latest innovations in technology

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Smart Mobility is in our annual forecast of Global Mobility trends. To find out more about these technology advancements and how they are affecting our industry, we spoke to Curt Smith, VP of Crown World Mobility and Patrick Kenning, Intelligence Hub Director.

There are few areas of business that remain untouched by the changes technology has brought and Mobility is no exception. Temporary housing, real estate firms, settling-in services and language training are all examples of Mobility areas adopting technology to customize experiences, personalize services or provide targeted information at relocating employees’/HR’s fingertips.

Curt Smith has seen a new type of move emerge. Many employees are not just relocating for work but want to gain life experience. “For these customers, moving is an adventure. They want information at their fingertips and DIY options readily available,” Curt advises.

This year you can expect a continued focus on innovative technology – from complete self-service all the way through to high-touch concierge services. “We strive to be where our clients and customers need and want us to be on the service continuum,” adds Curt.

Latest technology innovations at Crown

Self-serve tools

Lump sum policies have grown in popularity and are expected to increase due to shifting consumer preferences. Crown World Mobility recently acquired a digital solution, TIME Relocation, to enhance the relocation process by putting customers in direct control of their moves.

Integrated services

Crown has also partnered with Equus to optimize relocation services. The Equus Ecosystem is a platform that connects the entire Global Mobility value chain, providing joint clients with a single, integrated system for managing their international workforce.

“We continue to invest in our technology and plan to deploy new tools for our customers in 2018,” says Curt. “Technology is an enabler, enhancing our customers’ and clients’ journeys. We are a people-orientated organization with teams in over 250 offices worldwide; technology is helping us to remove barriers and simplify and improve our service delivery. More to come, but as they say ‘watch this space’.”

Patrick Kenning, who is responsible for promoting Crown’s innovation culture through encouraging ideation and exploring emerging technology opportunities, adds, “these technology investments and upcoming releases are powerful examples of Crown’s ongoing digital transformation. Virtualizing surveys and digitizing the moving process through ePacking are raising our customer experience metrics. They’re also reducing our impact on the environment and breaking traditional industry-wide barriers around accuracy, speed and compliance.”

For more information about what we’re doing in this space, contact our Mobility team.

To find out more about this and other trends that could shape our industry in the coming months, download “2018 Global Mobility Trends.

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