A combination of in-house services and committed partners

We built our delivery network to ensure you get the best possible service for domestic and international relocations.

Our in-house services are complemented by a network of external partners to add choice, capacity and capability in the full range of mobility services we offer.

Through our Partner Relations program we apply rigorous performance management rules to Crown-serviced locations and external partners equally.

It gives you a consistent service worldwide that demonstrates its worth through high standards and continuous value improvement.

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Quality services and more choice for you

Our structured Partner Relations program guarantees service quality, choice and value.

We have high standards for eligibility, identifying suppliers based on service need as well as location, and subject to formal RFP and due diligence checks.

All our suppliers – including our in-house teams – are benchmarked for cost and quality and enter into a clear contractual commitment for the services they provide.

Guaranteed performance and a commitment to excellence

Our promise is backed by a robust process for monitoring and managing supplier performance.

Our baseline KPIs – developed over 50 years of managing corporate relocations – can be adapted to suit your requirements. So you can decide on the precise balance of service scope, quality and cost that fits your mobility program.

Managed centrally, our Partner Relations team tracks individual supplier performance, identifying any trends and swiftly introducing measures to correct them and restore the quality you naturally expect.

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