Crown World Mobility goes live integrating with Equus Ecosystem

Equus and Crown Streamline Relocation Support for Global Mobility Programs

DANBURY, Conn. – (September 1, 2017): Crown World Mobility – a trusted leader in global workforce mobility and talent-management strategies announced today that they have gone live and have successfully integrated their services with Equus. The Equus Ecosystem is a powerful platform that connects the entire global mobility value chain to provide clients with a single, integrated system for managing their international workforce. Since 1999, businesses around the globe have relied on Equus technology to automate and power their global mobility program. Combined with Crown’s fifty years of experience in international logistics and innovative financial services, the two have optimized relocation services for joint clients through Crown’s integration into the Equus Ecosystem. In providing mutual
clients with one set of data, one set of documents, and one place to engage, managing the assignment lifecycle will be simpler, more convenient and cost effective than ever.

Mutual clients will find Crown seamlessly integrated as an Equus Ecosystem Partner, with important documents and data consolidated. Now that Crown is live with the Equus Ecosystem, the need for multiple systems is eliminated. The result is a single and cohesive source of relocation support that enables:
• Superior customer service
• Streamlined global processes to initiate and manage work orders
• A single platform to share data, eliminating duplicate data entry and opportunity for errors
• Transparent access to real-time data across all clients using AssignmentPro

“With Crown as an Equus Ecosystem Partner, our clients will be able to improve the global efficiency, accuracy, compliance, transparency and value of the relocation services that are at the heart of their global mobility programs,” says Mark Thomas, CEO of Equus.

“Equus Ecosystem plus Crown’s innovative financial services enable you to build a small team of highly integrated, digitally automated partners who lead the optimization of your entire mobility supply chain to improve the assignee experience and reduce non-productive costs.” Mathew Crockett, Director Finance & Technology, Crown World Mobility

About Equus: Founded in 1999, Equus Software is the market leader in cloud-based relocation and mobility solutions. More than 300 organizations around the world use Equus to automate mundane, transactional work so that global mobility teams, talent management professionals, and other key stakeholders can focus on adding value to the business. Equus has a proven track record for delivering cost-effective global mobility solutions, continuous innovation and exceptional customer service.

About Crown World Mobility: Crown World Mobility ( is a division of the Crown Worldwide Group, established in 1965 and headquartered in Hong Kong. Crown World Mobility  helps corporations manage global talent and talented individuals perform on the global stage. In a world
that seems to be constantly shrinking, managing a globally mobile workforce with compliance and transparency creates challenges for any organization. These challenges are human in scale—global assignments involve the everyday lives of transferees and their families. But there are policies to navigate, formalities to coordinate, global and local compliance requirements to adhere to—at the same time as concentrating on a new assignment and getting a job done. Crown’s approach is to work with all stakeholders to find the right solution to enable global control, visibility and compliance with tax compliant local cost allocation, implementing a global mobility program that is successful for the whole organization. This often means finding a unique solution which meets you where you are today, and takes you to where you want to be, which Crown has the experience and unique global and local capabilities to deliver.

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