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2024 Mobility Trends: Is relocation still a tool for improving employee engagement? We surveyed 250+ HR professionals to find the challenges facing global mobility going into 2024

The world has changed. And rapidly. The shifts we’ve seen around where, when and how we work, along with a heightened focus on employee wellbeing, have led to a near total realignment in how organizations maintain high levels of employee engagement. As lockdowns shifted people’s perspectives around work-life balance, and the Great Resignation set in, key engagement metrics, like retention, have come under the microscope.

The research has been split into three sections:

  • The first section explores how to assess the suitability of an employee to send on assignment, and how to tackle any hesitancies they may have.
  • The second section reveals some fascinating insights into the increase in levels of productivity for assignees.
  • And finally, the third section sheds light on some of the wellbeing challenges assignees may experience and how this is balanced with an improved quality of life.

Download the first report in the series now. You can also join in the conversation on our social channels using the hashtag #MobilityMatters

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