How do you know when it’s time to outsource your relocation program?

If your business is encountering challenges with employee relocation costs, service delivery, supplier management, meeting business needs or staffing, then it may be time to ask yourself these five questions and see if outsourcing your relocation program is right for you.

How am I spending my time?

The most effective way to manage employee mobility is a combination of strategic initiatives and service delivery. If handling the day-to-day aspects is overwhelming your staff and managing these activities is getting in the way of accomplishing objectives that will bring value to your company, it may be time to look at what assistance a relocation management company can provide.

Are there things I don’t know that I should know?

Employee mobility growth in a company can outpace one’s ability to be out in front on key issues such as compliance or state-of-the-art policy design.

Utilizing an external partner for their up-to-date knowledge and processes can help you keep your program aligned with business needs and ever-changing workforce considerations.

Have I done everything I can to moderate the costs of employee mobility effectively?

Budgeting, staying on budget, delivering services as cost effectively as possible and accessing cost-savings technology are just a few of the areas where outside assistance can make a big difference – helping you to moderate costs, implement better processes and be on the lookout for areas that derail your cost-containment goals.

Need more data?

Data analytics is all the rage for a reason: if you don’t know how your program is performing, if you don’t know where in the cycle your assignees/transferees are or if it takes you a while to pull together the information you need for reporting or decision-making, you may be missing out on key opportunities. Relocation management companies have invested heavily in analytics, so why not take advantage of those resources and expertise to allow you to improve your program’s performance?

Are my current external partners delivering?

If you have an outside supplier who is not delivering to your satisfaction, do you keep trying to make it work? Or are you working around it to avoid having to undertake the process of finding a new supplier? Do you know if you have the best supplier for a given service? Supplier management is another key area where relocation management companies excel and where you can take advantage of their breadth and depth of expertise.

Hiring a subject-matter expert is a normal course of business for companies experiencing growth, change, competitive demands, cost pressures and many other challenges. In employee mobility, that expertise is readily available from specialized relocation management companies and other outside partners. Utilizing their expertise as you need to is just good business.

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