Over the course of 50 years, Crown has become accustomed to adapting to offer the right services in a changing world. But given the unprecedented pace and scale of change since 2019, here we explore the ways we have been forging a new path to deliver the best experiences for assignees and their employers.

Crown World Mobility’s Group Vice President, Jurgen Zyderveld, and Nick Sutton, Vice President – Global Sales & Marketing, consider how our proposition is evolving to offer support that delivers empathetic, agile support as global volatility continues.

We outline the fundamentals which underpin our approach to providing dynamic support :

  • Human-centricity: There are difficult moments when people move from one place to another because relocating can be a difficult and emotional process. Our aim is to support employees by preparing them for a move, educating them about what to expect and then meeting those expectations each and every time.
  • Centers of Excellence: Our multilingual Centers of Excellence enable us to focus our training efforts, build the right type of processes and make sure we can more efficiently manage a large-scale programme without losing the personal touch with local account management teams.
  • Technology & Innovation: Our clients tell us that technological integration to support decision making and reporting is one of their primary requirements. This has driven our thinking and we now have some of the most advanced data sources seamlessly flowing into our clients’ systems.
  • Consultancy: Due to the knowledge our teams have acquired over many years, we are able to personalise and create a solution we believe fits with the unique characteristics required in each placement.

How will global mobility look in 2023?

Explore 2023 workplace trends with our whitepaper: Tomorrow’s Workspaces Today
  • Data-driven insights: different ways of working and how it impacts both employees and employers.
  • The pros and cons of office and home based working from both perspectives.
  • Impact on mental heath and productivity.
  • Enabling you to make the right decision for your company and workplace.

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