Mobility measures facing COVID-19.

A press release from our Country Manager in Mexico.

The magnitude of the repercussions of COVID-19, and its impact on our daily lives as well as on our respective businesses is extraordinary. But at Crown, the commitment to our team and customers is unwavering.

The trust that you placed in us to take care of a large part of your belongings reaffirms the responsibility of providing you the best quality of service, where the support of our specialists is more valuable and useful than ever. We have made sure to take the pertinent internal actions, to guarantee the well-being and the correct remote operation of our staff; who from their respective areas continue to monitor (international and national) changes and updates, to help you maintain the balance of your relocation.

Our relocation operations in Mexico are proceeding normally. But there are restrictions on the following destination services: Home Search, School Search and Orientation Tours. Additionally, future delays are expected in global mobility due to possible worldwide restrictions.

For this reason, and to contribute to the well-being of society, we inform you the following changes, effective as of today until new further notice:

  1. All surveys scheduled will be virtually performed thanks to our virtual survey technology. Crown is the only company in Mexico with the platforms and expertise capable of guaranteeing 95% effectiveness in volume calculation for international and national moves.
  2. Despite having operated 100% of the services in Mexico. For the upcoming months possible delays are predicted, as well as additional charges for storage in customs and ports of Mexico.
  3. The impact on immigration procedures is intrinsic in the activities of the National Migratory Institute (INAMI). We will continue processing and guide you through all your immigration requisitions (working visa, working permit, residential permit and others.) However, we will not be able to deliver them within the usual timing, since we are now subject to the indications and changes of the Government of Mexico and international authorities. Your Mobility Advisor in Crown will guide you appropriately on every change.
  4. The international and national moving services are operated by Crown Mexico as usual. And to guarantee the well-being of those involved, hygiene and sanitation protocols have been implemented for each of the stages: consultation, packaging, storage and transportation. Companies with active mobility programs executed by Crown can either review the new protocols for destination and moving services here or contact their Mobility Advisor to receive more information.

At Crown World Mobility we appreciate your trust, and the great effort that our collaborators make to give you the best support.


Mario Torres, 
Country Manager for Mexico.
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