Webinar: Generational Trends and Forecast in Domestic Relocation

Crown World Mobility recently sponsored the Worldwide ERC webinar on Generational Trends and Forecast in Domestic Relation presented by Crown’s Lisa Mendelsohn, Regional Director, World Mobility North America. Interest around this topic was high with over 700 people registering for the event. A record for an ERC webinar.

The webinar focused on the millennial generation and how their impact on mobility influences the changes we are seeing in Domestic relocation. The webinar also provides insight and sheds light on the sandwich generation, those in their 30s to 40s who support aging parents and their own children, and how they are changing the face of mobility. Additionally, the webinar features examples of how corporate clients have addressed this change in the mobility industry.

The full recorded webinar can be found here.

Access to the handout can be found here.

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