From a global pandemic – and the recovery that’s followed – to a war in Europe, the world has undergone an unprecedented period of volatility in recent years.

In this video, Crown World Mobility’s Group Vice President, Jurgen Zyderveld, and Nick Sutton, Vice President – Business Development, explore some of the trends that have emerged in global mobility, following a tumultuous few years that have had a lasting impact on both companies and assignees, transforming where and how they work.

We touch on:

  • A sharpened focus on employee wellbeing: how mobility programmes are evolving to maximise wellbeing, and some of the approaches being taken.
  • The rise of “digital nomads”: remote and hybrid working is changing, with a trend towards people working from anywhere. We look at the impact that this fast-developing trend is having on policies and the way “work from anywhere” can be facilitated.
  • The increase in short-term assignments: these assignments are becoming more frequent, but what do they require?
  • A drive to be more sustainable: the key to partnerships, good data and defining collective responsibility to make the world work better.
  • Agility amid volatility: with an uncertain and ever-changing macroeconomic and socio-political landscape, it is critical that flexibility and agility become a core service offering when delivering mobility program solutions that can seamlessly respond to volatility.

With 2023 around the corner, we consider how these trends are impacting policies and assignments all over the world.

How will global mobility look in 2023?

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