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“The way we work has changed” – Countless articles have been devoted to this subject. But where are we going?

As an employer, it’s likely you’re deciding where your employees will be working in the coming years: home, office, or a hybrid of both? Introducing new working styles is a task you need to get right the first time. Repeating the process could be expensive, time-consuming, and confusing for employees.

Additionally, for mobility teams, questions about international remote working are becoming common, with requests for location flexibility becoming increasingly global. With some countries now offering digital nomad visas, mobility teams are constantly scrambling to establish the right level of flexibility for ever evolving workforce demands.

Are you OK with your people being in a different country to their country of employment, and what knock on effects will that have for your business and exposure to risk?

This whitepaper includes:

  • Data-driven insight on the different working models and how it impacts employees and employers
  • The pros and cons of working from home vs working in the office from both perspectives including impact on mental heath and productivity
  • Helping you define your future with expert driven insight and data to support you in making the right decision

We’ve spoken to a range of experts across the world, from different parts of the business world to share an informed view on working from the office and home including some of the key pros and cons.


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