The Rugby World Cup: A cultural guide to networking effectively

Attending the Rugby World Cup in a business capacity and to network? This must-read guide will help you to navigate its cultural minefield.

The Rugby World Cup is here and for savvy business people it will provide a huge opportunity, not just for sporting fun, but for some serious networking – providing, that is, you can navigate a cultural minefield of 20 nationalities in the pre-match bar.

Cultural differences are reflected in sport just as they are in business and day-to-day life. The

Rugby World Cup will be a time of national pride and sports fever, but also a nod to the importance rugby has played in the heritage of many countries – from the class-based society of old England, to the historical roots of apartheid and the reunification of South Africa.

Not only will we see sporting prowess on the field, but off it there is exceptional opportunity

to build relationships with business people from around the globe. The impressive array of sponsors including Heineken, MasterCard and Emirates highlight the business prestige associated with the tournament.

So where will the networking take place? Well, we all know that what happens on the field is the second most important thing to happen at the Rugby World Cup … the first is what goes on in the bar before and after each match!

However, even with all of that good intention, the melting pot of different cultures and nationalities can make for confusing times.

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