Saving costs in a world of economic uncertainty

With so much economic uncertainty in 2017, cutting costs is quickly becoming the biggest talking point in the industry this summer. But where do you start?

Crown World Mobility can help your business save money and cut costs.

There are at least two ways to look at cost savings – one relates to focusing on policy, and reducing or eliminating employee benefits; the other is from a strategic perspective, and has to do with your company’s overall approach to moving employees.

Lisa Johnson, Global Practice Leader of Crown World Mobility’s Consulting Services, explains how to reduce costs in global mobility in an article for The Mover*. In doing so, Lisa outlines the questions to ask before making any cost-saving decisions – and some less expensive approaches to policy.

Read the full article.

If you have any questions regarding this article or would like to find out more about our services, please contact Lisa at or visit our website.

*The Mover is an independent monthly magazine published in the U.K. for the moving industry.

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