Immigration weekly update: August 18, 2022

Immigration news updates for Kuwait, Portugal and more

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European Union: Delay in ETIAS implementation

The European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) is expected to be fully implemented by November 2023. Individuals will apply for travel authorization to travel to Schengen Area countries through ETIAS before travelling. They can apply either online or through a mobile application and pay the fee before travelling.

This summary was prepared using information obtained from Euro News.

Kuwait: Suspension of family visit and tourist visa

The government of Kuwait announced suspension of family visit and tourist visas until further notice. This excludes e-visas and visas-on-arrival. Moreover, a new regulation is being prepared to serve the interests and develop the process.

This summary was prepared using information obtained from Arab News.

Portugal: Failure of post-Brexit ID card issuance

British nationals are unable to access healthcare, change jobs, or travel in and out of the country as they have not been issued with the post-Brexit residency cards. The Portuguese government has yet to provide the biometric residency cards, instead, a temporary document and QR code have been issued but it’s not recognized at international borders, based on British nationals.

This summary was prepared using information obtained from Euro News.

South Africa: Implementation of new security measures

New security measures have been implemented for South African passport applicants. Applicants must collect their passports in person as third parties are no longer allowed to collect passports on behalf of applicants. During the collection process, fingerprints must be submitted. Additionally, passports are collected from the same office where the application was submitted.

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United Kingdom: Requirement for police registration suspended

The U.K. government has announced that foreigner nationals are no longer required to register with local police stations after entering the U.K or after changing their address. Foreigners who registered before the suspension was announced no longer need to take any action. Individuals who received an email, letter or if their visa states that they must register at a police station, are no longer required to do so.

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