No two things are more representative of the extreme volatility we’ve seen in the world in recent years than Covid-19 and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Both have had a major impact on global mobility. Immediate action was required as countries around the world placed their populations into lockdown in March 2019, and the affects of the war – while felt most acutely by the people of Ukraine – have had a profound impact on economic stability across the world.

A dynamic response was required as these two events unfolded, to deal with the initial challenges. We recognized that and are proud of the way we worked collaboratively with clients to tackle myriad issues – many not seen before.

Here, we explain how we have worked to support our clients and their people through this unprecedented period in world history.

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-How Crown World Mobility customer Deloitte manages hybrid working policies for those on assignment

-How to effectively adapt to political or economic turmoil

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