Five tips to increase and support female assignees

The number of female assignees in international mobility programs has held steady over the last 20 years. Industry studies show only slight shifts with the high-end percentages usually around 20% and 16% often cited as the average.

Even though a small number of industries and companies may have higher percentages, the number of female assignees overall remain low, accounting for less than 5% of the population.

There are occasional demographic correlations of a company’s general population, especially for those in traditionally male-dominated industries. In 2014, Crown World Mobility conducted research on Global Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) and looked for links between D&I and Mobility. The research shows that across many industries, global companies with a widerange of headquarter locations are investing heavily in D&I strategies. Their aim is to recruit and retain women in their organizations, especially for senior management positions. These companies see this as a business imperative that has a positive impact on their bottom line. For global companies that require senior leaders with international experience and a global perspective, any barriers to assignment opportunities for women need to be addressed.

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