Director of Client Services receives industry body’s Distinguished Service award

Tricia Cochran recognized by the Canadian Employee Relocation Council at conference

Tricia (right) with Robert Leotti, VP Business Development, North America (center), and Danielle King, Business Development Manager, Canada (left), at the CERC event.

Tricia Cochran, Crown World Mobility’s Director of Client Services, has received an award from the Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC), a membership organization for the mobility industry, for Distinguished Service to the organization.

In her address to members at the annual CERC conference last week, Tricia said, “there is unanimous support for our vision for the future as the force of change in employee mobility.

Our mission statement clearly articulates how we will achieve that vision to impact the systems, policies and processes that enable employers to move the right people effectively and efficiently.”

Tricia credits the success in achieving the CERC goals by looking at two fundamental aspects of their work- making a meaningful difference by driving change in areas of regulation or through industry research and in providing the necessary tools to members to help them become more effective at what they do.

Tricia has just completed her term as Chair of the Board of Directors and is now in the Past Chair role. Tricia served on the CERC Board of Directors for the past six years as a Board Member, Treasurer, and then Vice Chair. In addition to her board duties, Tricia is a regular presenter of CERC’s interactive workshop, Relo 101, both live at the annual CERC conference and on their annual three-part webinar series. The next Relo 101 webinar series will be available on the CERC website in November.

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