2015 Global Mobility Trends

A new year gives us the opportunity to reflect on larger world events, including political, economic, social and technological transformations, and assess how they impact the Global Mobility space.

How will today’s geopolitical uncertainty, shifting oil prices, widely varying degrees of unemployment challenges or recovery and the on-going pace of technological development be felt in how and why companies move their employees?

The fact is that these are intimately intertwined: world events influence business strategies, which will always inform global mobility requirements, drivers and approaches. It is Crown World Mobility’s annual tradition to reflect on these events, influences and requirements and generate a list of trends to provide a lens for you to assess your own policies, programs and strategies. And hopefully generate new ideas and creative solutions. With the first in our Perspectives series for 2015, we have identified some of the global topics that come up with increasing frequency among our clients, colleagues and industry peers and that we think are making a difference in the how and the why. You will see some new topics appear and a few others that represent the evolution of larger shifts that we have been watching for some time.

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