Employee assistance and intercultural training

A life-learning experience–changing schools and adapting to an international or local curriculum–can have a big impact on a child’s development. So Crown will help you find the right ones for them.

If their children are happy, your employees are happier. And there’s nothing more likely to influence their happiness than a great experience at school.

Crown local experts offer advice on schooling for every age, including day care and pre-schools.

Education Assistance

Take a look at the possibilities before you go

Most major destinations provide a good mix of schools, international, private and public. But experiences vary—as do fees.

With Crown's help, parents are able to easily compare each school’s curriculum, entrance requirements and application procedures. This gives a flavor for each establishment and the various options that are available to really help focus their selection.

Inside information from your guides in the country

We’ll consult with you to verify the availability of school places. We also arrange school visits and accompany families where necessary.

We help to coordinate the admissions process, acting as go-between and keeping everyone fully informed of the status of applications.

Making the right connections

Education has long been a priority at Crown. Through our commitment to communities, we are actively involved in supporting schools and internship programs around the world.

Intercultural Services - Intercultural training

Adapting to and embracing cultural change—there’s a big difference between going to work in another country and making your life work there. 

Participants of Crown’s intercultural program find international assignments extremely rewarding and more likely to be successful personally and professionally.

The confidence to be gained from learning how to communicate well, and the satisfaction of integrating into the local culture ensure a more positive foreign experience.

Improve your employees’ awareness and understanding of culture, and how to deal with it

Being better prepared and supported for immersion into another culture makes everything easier for your people.

Critically, it will put you on a stable footing in the country earlier, dramatically reducing the stresses of an international assignment, and the risk that ‘culture shock’ can pose to its success.

Far better than a simple guide to local customs, etiquette and nuances, intercultural training helps assignees gain valuable insight into why life and attitudes are different in another country.

Professional trainers facilitate transferable skills, assisting employees overcome any barriers to cultural adaptation and integration – skills that will help them in future roles:

  • Self-awareness

  • Cross-cultural communication skills

  • Cross-cultural sensitivity to others

  • Interpersonal and cultural skill sets

  • Live and work effectively across cultures.

Intercultural training can also support International Talent Transition with development of broader skills:

  • Managing across cultures and multi-cultural teams

  • Conflict resolution

  • Global and inclusive leadership.

Repatriation: readjusting to life back home

Curiously, returning home after an assignment can also cause unforeseen challenges for assignees, families—and businesses. Intercultural Services also supports the return from international assignments, linking individual and corporate objectives to maximize the company’s investment. This ensures that the international skills of expatriate personnel are integrated and transferred in all locations.

Executive coaching

Crown World Mobility's executive intercultural coaching program gives your people the individual support they need to excel in a multicultural setting

Our programs are designed around the specific challenges faced by individual executives taking them through an initial cultural readiness check, identifying specific needs and issues and building an action plan for further cultural and professional development.

Ongoing coaching is available to cover a host of business issues and skills:

  • Managing, teamwork, communication, meeting styles, dealing with suppliers etc.

  • Managing across cultures: Recruiting, managing risks in international projects, productivity issues

  • International presentation skills and running effective international meetings

  • Diversity training and knowledge transfer coaching

  • Establishing service organisations and technical development centres

  • Organizational rules and ethics for managers

  • Advanced Business English Communication Skills

  • Adapting global corporate values to local contexts

  • Cross-cultural training for HR; recruiting in a foreign country, assessing international employees, team-building, project development

  • Cross-cultural sales training

  • Corporate social responsibility across cultures in global organizations 

  • Developing and implementing internal legislation in global companies

  • Change management.

Leadership skills coaching:

  • Global and Inclusive Leadership coaching

  • Diversity knowledge transfer and training

  • Managing across cultures—team-building and resolving conflict, recruiting, dealing with suppliers, managing risks in international projects and productivity issues

  • Matrix Management—managing various levels and teams across cultures and regions

  • Managing virtual teams.

Cultural communication:

  • Communication and meeting styles

  • Negotiation and style switching

  • Virtual intercultural communication

  • Advanced Business English communication skills

  • International presentation skills and running effective international meetings

  • Networking and relationship-building in International Business.

Culture in business—global or local:

  • Intercultural training for HR teams—recruiting in a foreign country, assessing international employees, project development

  • Adapting global corporate values to local contexts and organizational rules and ethics for managers

  • Establishing service organizations and technical development centers

  • Corporate social responsibility across cultures in global organizations

  • Developing and implementing internal legislation in global companies

  • Cross-cultural sales training.

Change management

All programs can be complimented with self-assessment profiling, which encourages individual self-reflection in personal and professional contexts, identifies key competencies, and how to apply them in all cultural situations.

Language training

Crown understands how difficult it can be for assignees to adapt to what may be a very different environment, especially when they’re not fluent in the language

Improved fluency will give assignees confidence in both business and social situations. We offer a range of language courses, both in groups and one-to-one, specifically tailored for ability and needs of assignees and their families. This training can also be used in conjunction with Crown’s Intercultural program, giving assignees a comprehensive cultural and language package.

Language training also enables employees and their families to engage more productively with people they meet. Our language training can teach speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, including technical terminology if needed.

From communication to understanding

A ‘restaurant menu’ knowledge of a country’s language and phrase book will only get you so far.

Communication styles and behaviors in business are more complex, diverse, and harder to master.

Similarly, if the whole family is involved, their relocating concerns and requirements will likely be different.

We recognize the need to support an entire relocating family, as their challenges and concerns could make the difference between an assignment’s success or failure. Specific language and cultural training can help the whole family adapt successfully to the new location. 

Partner Support

Partner assistance while in the host country; the oft forgotten partner can be a big influence on an assignment’s outcome

Partner or family unhappiness is one of the major reasons for assignment failure. Today’s families typically include two working professionals. The difficulties involved in interrupting one family member’s career to accommodate their partner's new assignment can make an employee who is otherwise a prime candidate reluctant to move. Families accustomed to dual income may face financial hardship if one partner is unable to work. An employee whose family isn’t settled will be unable to fully focus on their role; and a family’s negative experience can jeopardize the whole assignment.

Crown's partner assistance program offers career and settling-in support to partners of employees on assignment. The program includes pre-assignment career counseling and interview preparation, resume writing and advice on gaining self-employment and networking. We can also provide partners support in assimilating into their new environment with introductions to local resources, support networks and social organizations.

The Partner Career Assistance program also guides and advises spouses on options for their career in their new country. For those who are not working, or for working partners unable to find a job due to visa restrictions or other issues, the program can help them to establish new support systems, and the possibility of voluntary work or training.

Read more from Joanne Danehl, Global Practice Leader, Intercultural and Language Training.