Accurate assignment cost control

No one likes an unexpected pain in the budget, yet the risks when dealing with cross-border mobile populations are substantial.

Our modular capability can tackle the uncertainties, giving you greater visibility and confidence for every assignment.

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Cost clarity for you

Can it ever be too soon to start a cost projection? Not if you want to be well informed before you make candidate decisions.

Accurately estimating costs – including domestic or foreign tax implications – can aid pre-planning, quickly identifying the likely impact of different assignment scenarios.

Based on a self-service or an analyst-led approach, we provide an assessment to help you budget and plan more accurately.

We can also streamline data collection and reporting throughout the assignment, leading to much simpler, easily shared reports for payroll, finance, tax, and year-end.

More visibility for employees

Linking letters of assignment, balance sheets and related correspondence to approved cost projections is a big step forward.

It ensures accuracy but also gives employees a clear understanding of the financial value and impact of all the elements of their package.

Fewer compliance worries

Cross-border payroll is a big compliance risk area.

We support your teams locally and centrally by tracking different compensation elements (compensation accumulation) at source to provide local reporting as well as validation.

We can also issue payroll reporting instructions to drive physical payment, real-time reporting and integrate with expense management. These measures increase compensation and reporting efficiencies and reduce the risks of under or over reporting.

Greater control of compensation and better risk-management results.

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