A better way to manage flexible relocations

FLEX, Crown’s self-service tool, is a much easier and financially transparent way to coordinate relocation logistics.

Simply and quickly configured to match your policy types, it enables you to offload administration, easily manage budgets, streamline supplier liaison and track progress.

Loved by employees for its simplicity and built-in features, it also gives them a measure of control and choice.

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Move more people, for less

Budget control is vital in any mobility program to achieve ever more challenging financial targets.

FLEX gives you complete financial visibility from day one through its built-in pricing tool.

Mobility managers can simply select the components of each relocation to match policies you hold, and see the financial impact immediately.

You can add or remove options exactly as you might when configuring the specification for a new car.

Make mobility easier for all

FLEX speaks to the need for flexibility in mobility programs to accommodate a wide range of policy types.

Everything is managed through a simple dashboard, giving you status reports on all active relocations, including notifications of outstanding or completed tasks.

Relocating employees also use a portal to manage their relocation, selecting services from a preset list, and completing administrative tasks with suppliers.

Streamline supplier communications

FLEX makes communications with suppliers much more efficient and monitoring progress far simpler.

Relocating employees have a direct line to each of their suppliers to exchange relevant information. The system shares relevant data with all suppliers, saving your people from having to deal with similar inquiries from different companies.

All employee-supplier communications are visible to mobility managers, as is progress on assigned tasks, such as home search status, bank account set-up or household goods moving dates.

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