What does a Group Move need?

No one likes to start a review of a Group Move with a list of things that should have been done to help the move meet objectives – “if only we’d known to do them.” Knowledge of the special needs of a Group Move is a critical component, and one that must be started early in the process.


Missing the timing on planning key elements can derail those who are not experienced in Group Moves. As described above, much has to be done earlier than many would expect, and certainly earlier than what is typical for ongoing employee mobility. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to hear from Mobility Directors that they are announcing a Group Move next month, and want to know if there is anything special they should be doing to make sure it goes well.


Assuming that existing policy – domestic or international – will be used for the Group Move, without considering whether additional or different assistance may be required, is another common pitfall. Just like all mobility policies are designed to meet certain business objectives, Group Move policy needs to be tailored to the desired outcome.


Most HR and Mobility teams are not sufficiently staffed to support a Group Move, with its large scale and intensive time frame. Look outside the organization for research and staffing support to ensure that the company is ready to present the professional level of services needed to achieve its Group Move goals.

Short cuts

Some companies think they can execute a Group Move without the extras, such as skipping organized events. There is a belief that online information negates the need for this support. However, without guidance, people will go off in their own directions, and may not get the information and perspective they need in the amount of time they have to make a decision. Most businesses would consider this DIY approach too much risk for such a critical event.

Impacted existing assignee population

Repatriation planning is critical. Often, a weakness in any talent management initiative is magnified in a Group Move environment. Not planning early enough to be able to provide a meaningful approach to employees who must return to their home country, or relocate to another country, can lead to the loss of key talent – something most companies want to go to great lengths to avoid.

Cross-functional planning

Business situations that necessitate a Group Move are often held close to the vest by senior management – resulting in those who could provide insight on how to make a move successful not being brought in until it is too late. A diverse team of experts within the company, representing affected business lines (Human Resources, facilities management, benefits and, of course, employee mobility), should be brought into the inner circle as early as possible to help ensure that all angles of the move are considered.

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