Are you really ready for Gen Z relocations?

Watch our latest Worldwide ERC webinar session below to get the latest on ways the youngest millennials and emerging Gen Z employees are disrupting mobility and bringing innovation to our industry. From the practical to the strategic, this engaging webinar will address topics including:

  • balancing the increasingly important Employee Experience (EX) with the reality of Lump Sum moves,
  • the hottest  alternatives to traditional housing options, and
  • the value of aligning Mobility with D&I and Employee well-being strategies.

Join our one-hour webinar (eligible for Worldwide ERC® CRP  & GMS credits) to hear our expert discuss our latest white paper on relocating Gen Z.

Click on Video Below to watch. Credits are only available through the ERC website here. 

About the Speaker

Lisa Johnson
Global Practice Leader, Consulting Services

Lisa leads our global consulting strategy, including mobility program development and thought leadership. She is responsible for CWM’s Perspectives article and webinar series, research initiatives, and is a frequent presenter on issues impacting our industry. She has a strong background in Talent, ROI and D&I Mobility strategies. Born in Japan, Lisa has lived and worked in Europe and Latin America and is currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

Can’t make it?

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To download our Gen Z white paper click here.