Tips for start-ups going global

Regional Director, Peter Sewell, discusses some of the biggest challenges facing small and medium-sized enterprises in the global market.

As more companies begin to invest in a presence abroad, we’re seeing many unprepared for the global mobility challenges that come with it.

Tips for start-ups going global

Generally, small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) don’t have a dedicated mobility team or program, or even a structured policy. “You will often find a one or two-person HR team overburdened with a multitude of tasks,” says Peter.

They will be required to deal not only with personal issues from employees who are working abroad but with ever-changing regulations, immigration issues and, of course, Brexit.

From taking compliance seriously and considering the cost of assignment failure, to building cultural awareness, global mobility should not be underestimated.

For those who get to grips with these issues, the rewards can be significant. Read Peter’s top tips in the HR Director

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