If only we could be face-to-face right now, things would go more smoothly.

Today’s reality of social distancing and virtual working means our ability to read cues and assess professional, and even social, situations is more challenging. Add the complexity of working across cultures, or being on an assignment in a new location, and that challenge is multiplied.

A critical element of cultural training is understanding your own style and preferences before making impactful shifts and adapting to new situations.

Helping you grow and thrive

Watch our special 30-minute webinar, in partnership with RW3, where Alyssa Bantle (Senior Global Program Manager, Crown World Mobility) and Sean Dubberke (Principal & Director of Learning, RW3 & CulturalTraining.com™) share these guiding principles.

What we cover

An excellent roadmap for all of us living and working in far from normal circumstances, topics discussed include:

  1. Growing your intercultural communication skills
  2. Building cultural dexterity
  3. Understanding workstyle diversity

About the Speakers

Alyssa Bantle
Senior Global Program Manager, Crown World Mobility

Alyssa’s responsibilities include designing new training solutions, managing Crown’s global network of trainers, as well as training and coaching for Global Skills and Partner Support programs.

As a dual national of the U.S. and Germany, Alyssa has first-hand experience of the impact of culture. She began her international career in Italy and over the years has lived and worked in Japan, Germany and the U.S. With over 18 years of experience in the intercultural training field, Alyssa has worked extensively with global managers and expats on increasing their effectiveness in both their professional and personal lives.

Sean Dubberke
Principal & Director of Learning, RW3 & CulturalTraining.com™

Since 2008, Sean has helped organizations and their professionals develop human skills to work successfully in a global environment. As a member of RW3’s executive team, he leads strategy and content development for the company. As Director of Learning, he leads the CultureWizard LIVE blended learning practice and a global network of facilitators, consultants and speakers with whom his team partners to design and deliver learning worldwide.

Sean specializes in collaborative, interactive learning that engages participants to take new perspectives and develop cultural agility. Leveraging his expertise in the CultureWizard Intercultural Model©, Sean’s approach is practical, enlightening and passionate. His sensitivity to diverse learning styles allows him to tailor his style to support client objectives in the most effective way.