Volatility doesn’t just impact day-to-day operations, the bottom line, how we work, or solely test our ability to respond. It affects wellbeing.

And the impact on wellbeing of the extreme events we’ve experienced in recent years – particularly among international assignees – is well documented.

Throughout the pandemic, people on assignment had to contend with lockdown restrictions in destinations that they might not be fully familiar with, border closures – prohibiting them from travelling home or seeing family – while also having to adjust to the cultural differences in approach to disease transition, such as attitudes to mask-wearing.

In the latest video of our Dynamic Support in a Volatile World series, Caitlin Pyett, Account Management Director – Asia and Global Practice Leader –¬† Consulting, considers how this has caused companies and global mobility teams to prioritize employee wellbeing, what that looks like in practise and how we’ve sought to support and encourage this shift in approach.

Watch the video below in full to hear more:

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