Navigating assignments for LGBT+

The traditional expatriate profile is changing. A more diverse workforce means a more diverse expatriate talent pool, including (but not limited to) millennials, executive and non-executive females and LGBT+.

It is a business imperative to support these diverse talent pools. And companies with diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategies already in place have a huge advantage.

For LGBT+ employees there are significant safety and security concerns attached to relocation, given that homosexuality remains illegal in around 75 countries.

In an EY report prepared to build awareness, Crown experts Lisa Johnson and Liana Ciatto discuss what progressive organizations are doing – from creating flexible assignment packages, to supporting “open conversations” about the realities of a global move – to navigate these concerns.

Download “LGBT+ Inclusion in Asia-Pacific” and explore three ways LGBT+ employees can have a successful assignment experience.

Flexible policies and focusing on the employee experience and well-being are all strategies that will enhance diversity in your mobility program. Download our latest report for more information on making global careers more accessible.

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