The employee mobility sector has been in a constant state of flux in recent years.

New approaches to remote working and employee wellbeing, restrictions on overseas travel and changes to immigration regulations across the globe – spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic – have been challenging for HR directors and global mobility managers.

However, these changes have also given rise to a new set of skills within the sector. Mobility teams have been called upon more than ever since the pandemic to react creatively to the challenges facing organisations with global teams, and with this, has come a need for agility.

In our latest trends report – Mobility Trends 2023 – Nick Sutton, VP Global Sales & Marketing at Crown World Mobility explores how the role of global mobility has evolved to address the present day landscape.

According to Nick: “As the world continues its headlong drive towards globalisation, and with new generations coming to the workforce expecting – and in some cases demanding – international exposure and experience, fundamental shifts are occurring in mobility that have turned mobility on its head. For the modern-day mobility specialist, being able to pivot quickly to address an unfolding situation is now a necessity.”

“Some of us remember global mobility in its earlier incarnation of “expatriate management”, when your job was simply to get someone from A to B without incurring any liability. This is now a distant memory. From dealing with the pandemic, to being on top of ever-changing legislation or operational issues, along with actively and creatively solving problems, the ability to think outside the box and deal with uncertainty is vital to anyone coming into this industry.”

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