The state of employee mobility in 2023 is constantly evolving. 

Immigration policy changes and macroeconomic events taking place around the world – COVID, the war in Ukraine, the cost of living crisis – continue to present challenges for the decision-makers in the sector.

Evolving attitudes towards family dynamics, an increase in women-led assignments and more same sex couples than ever relocating to new overseas destinations, means that employee mobility looks a lot different than it did even five years ago…

Employees no longer want a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) – they expect it. And this, paired with recent world events and increasingly liberal immigration approaches, has made placing assignees overseas more complex than ever.

In our latest trends report – Mobility Trends 2023 – Roberta Carnaccini, Global Operations Director, Immigration Services at Crown World Mobility explores how employee mobility teams can address current global macroeconomic challenges, asking:

  • How have immigration laws around the world kept pace with these changes?
  • What impact have COVID restrictions and Brexit had on the UK, APAC, and beyond?
  • How have businesses responded to the war in Ukraine, and other global crises?

According to Roberta Carnaccini: “Whether on a virtual assignment – that is, being temporarily assigned to an international role, team, or project without ever travelling for the assignment – or offering the ability to temporarily work remotely, outside of the contracted location, companies are becoming more familiar with the complexities that come with these approaches and the associated immigration categories needed to make them possible, which vary wildly around the world.”

“Currently, 49 countries offer digital nomad visas, with EMEA and the Caribbean leading the way, but opportunities in APAC are much more limited. Overall, however, immigration authorities globally have been very slow to react to the changing work-related environment and visa options have not expanded to provide compliance to those wishing to work remotely or from anywhere…”

Keen to learn more about the trends that have emerged as we address global macroeconomic challenges?

To learn more about how:

  • leaders in the employee mobility sector are navigating the constant maelstrom of events outside their corporate walls
  • the complicated global immigration landscape
  • the impact this is having on assignees

make sure to download your copy of the Mobility Trends 2023 report here.

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