For the employee mobility sector, sustainability is fast becoming one of the top priorities on the agenda.  

Whether you are a mobility provider, a company looking to relocate staff overseas, or a partner along the greater mobility supply chain, upholding a strong commitment to sustainability is no longer a unique selling point. It’s now a necessity.

As more companies begin looking at setting net zero goals – to comply with government regulations as well as meet customer expectations – many are still wondering where to begin…

In our latest trends report – Mobility Trends 2023 – Ann Beavis, Head of Sustainable Development at Crown World Mobility addresses employee mobility’s sustainability agenda head on, asking:

  • How to assess the impact of your relocation programme
  • What the best practices are for choosing supply chain partners
  • How to set the right targets and ensure significant reductions are made

According to Ann Beavis: “Increasingly, we are seeing that clients are including sustainability as part of their partner selection criteria, and Crown plans to do the same with its own supply chain. When considering your supply chain, it’s important to pay attention to your partner’s specific needs in order to truly partner with them. They may be a much smaller and less financially robust organisations than your own with fewer resources, and their level of maturity may be different. It is vital that your supplier recognises the impact of their working practices for your own business.”

At Crown World Mobility, great progress has been made so far in our pursuit of company-wide sustainability and carbon-reduction.

Keen to learn more about the trends that have emerged as we continue to create a more sustainable future?

If you want to learn more about:

  • how leaders in the employee mobility sector are developing cohesive sustainability strategies
  • leveraging emerging technology for future development,
  • developing robust reporting processes for tracking targets

and more, make sure to download your copy of the Mobility Trends 2023 report here.

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