Gig economy brings big changes for global mobility, says Crown expert

The gig economy could have a major impact on global mobility.

Lisa Johnson, Global Practice Leader, Consulting Services at Crown World Mobility, appears in this month’s The Mover magazine discussing the impact the gig economy – the trend towards temporary contracts – could have on global mobility.

Citing a recent study by Intuit, Lisa explains that 40 percent of U.S. workers are expected to work as independent contractors by 2020. Lisa highlights the changes this trend will bring to the mobility industry as companies compete for global talent.

“The focus in global mobility should be on how to support a growing independent talent pool which could be crucial to business development in the future,” Lisa says.

In the article she also explains that the changing nature of international assignments will present some challenges. “Will countries develop visas to allow for the movement of contract employees?” she asks, adding, “it is certainly a challenge for compliance.”

To read the article in full, download September’s issue of The Mover.


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