Getting Ready for 2019: Quick wins to improve your global mobility program in the coming year

This session will provide accessible actions for Global Mobility professionals to consider as they prepare for 2019. What are innovative, creative programs up to? You won’t need a big budget to make enhancements and get inspired. From Diversity Mobility to Cost Savings, this session will be practical, fun and strategic. Lisa Johnson, Global Practice Leader, Consulting Services will share innovative yet accessible additions to your global mobility program, giving you inspiration for the year ahead.

Recording available. Watch now!

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About the Speaker

Lisa Johnson
Global Practice Leader, Consulting Services

Lisa leads our global consulting strategy, including mobility program development and thought leadership. She is responsible for CWM’s Perspectives article and webinar series, research initiatives, and is a frequent presenter on issues impacting our industry. She has a strong background in Talent, ROI and D&I Mobility strategies. Born in Japan, Lisa has lived and worked in Europe and Latin America and is currently based in Brooklyn, New York.