Four issues fueling the “Brexit” debate

Conscious uncoupling

Polls are underway to try and build an accurate picture of whether the U.K. will vote to stay in the European Union (EU) – or make a British exit (Brexit).

With the referendum on June 23, we look at some of the key issues being

discussed – and the different opinions of politicians, economists, the business community and those living in the EU.

When actress Gwyneth Paltrow described her plans to porce musician Chris Martin a few years ago, she talked about going through “conscious uncoupling” – meaning they would “collaboratively unlink” as opposed to having a “hostile separation.”

porce experts agree that a porce is a porce, no matter how it happens. However, the tone and terms of a porce can range from non-combative, to one that evokes revenge and anger.

What is clear (from listening to the many discussions on the subject), is that the “leave” supporters are counting on more of the Paltrow-Martin friendly uncoupling – while many of the opposed predict a hostile and messy split.

So, what are some of the considerations – and how does the EU, and the corporate world, feel about the Brexit? And what does it mean for us in mobility?

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