Five considerations for Rio 2016

Brazil is always an interesting country to focus on. In the mobility industry, it remains a critical assignee location for the Latin American (LATAM) region. Its size – in terms of landmass, population and middle class – continues to make it an important market for doing business. The cultural and geographic richness make it an amazing location for work or play. At the same time, an unreliable infrastructure, security concerns and social- political realities pose challenges in Brazil that are impossible to ignore.

For those of us in mobility, it is common knowledge that big cultural and sports events have an impact on business travelers and assignee populations. Local prices will rise, affecting airfares, hotels and temporary housing.

We’re also likely to see a slowdown in productivity – especially at ports, for inbound and outbound shipments. Where possible, try to manage expectations and postpone moves until the event is over.

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