Expanding our language training offering with Learnship


We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our strategic alliance with Learnship, the world’s leading provider of online, face-to-face language training.

Together with Learnship, we will transform the language learning experience for our clients – specifically how their relocating employees access different training formats. This alliance adds instructor-led virtual training, via Learnship’s proprietary platform, to our current in-person offering.

Speaking to the need for flexibility in mobility programs, this move will also allow us to create operational efficiencies and improve the customer and client experience.

Jurgen Zyderveld, VP, Crown World Mobility says: “Learnship’s virtual language training product is a fantastic addition to the services we offer our clients.”

Not only is the platform optimized for all devices, programs are tailored to the student’s proficiency level. Clients will also start to see greater reporting capabilities when tracking student attendance and progress.

Sushel Bijganath, Learnship Founder and CEO, says: “As a global market leader in face-to-face online language training, we put the learner-trainer relationship at the center of the learning experience. Our training solutions offer employees maximum flexibility to learn a language at any time and from any location worldwide. We’re looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.”

“We’re excited to partner with a company whose values and approach to customer experience is so closely aligned to our own,” adds Jurgen.


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