Crown Worldwide’s Journey to Net Zero: A Look at Our Carbon Initiatives

At Crown Worldwide, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a commitment woven into the fabric of our operations.

Written by Matthew Beldam

Infrastructure & Sustainability Project Manager

Matthew has been in the Records Management industry for over 30 years and is a founder member of the Crown Records Management business acquired by Crown in 2006.

He is responsible for the maintenance of Crown’s properties in UK&I, H&S and other compliance matters including the retention of our ISO accreditations in H&S, Quality, Environmental, Data protection and Anti-bribery and corruption.



In my latest blog, I take a look at the 7 key carbon initiatives we’ve implemented so far as we strive towards achieving net-zero emissions:

1. Illuminating Efficiency: LED Lighting Conversion

In 2021-22, we embarked on a mission to sustainably revolutionise our lighting systems across various facilities. By transitioning all external lighting to energy-efficient LED bulbs equipped with day/night sensors, we slashed energy consumption while reducing maintenance costs. Our Manchester facility alone witnessed a remarkable transformation, cutting energy consumption from a staggering 27,000 kWh per month to a mere 5,000 kWh.

2. Harnessing Solar Power in Leeds

Embracing innovation, our Leeds property now boasts solar panels adorning its expansive roof space. Generating approximately 24,000 kWh of energy annually, these solar installations epitomise our commitment to sustainable energy practices. We are now using this energy for lighting in the warehouse.

3. Embracing Renewable Energy Contracts

In 2022-2023, we made a pivotal shift by transitioning 17 of our 18 sites to 100% renewable energy contracts. Although one site remains on a non-renewable tariff due to landlord arrangements, plans are underway to ensure all our facilities operate on renewable energy sources.

4. Phasing Out Carbon-Intensive Practices

At our Milton Keynes facility, we bid farewell to carbon-heavy kerosene fuel oil, replacing it with high-efficiency electric boilers. This switch eliminated 16.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2022, marking a significant stride towards reducing our carbon footprint.

5. Driving Towards Electrification

In line with our carbon reduction plan objectives, we’ve integrated electric vehicles (EVs) into our fleet, with seven EVs already in operation by the end of 2023. Looking ahead to 2024, we plan to expand our EV fleet, complemented by the installation of EV charging points across select sites. We plan to install 15 EV charging points at our Enfield facility, as well as one at our Crown Fine Art London facility.

6. Strategic Site Closures

Recognising the environmental impact of our operations, we made the bold decision to cease operations at our Bow facility in 2022. This strategic move not only freed up valuable resources but also led to a substantial reduction of 525,000 kWh in energy usage.
“We are committed to offering more sustainable options to our customers for deliveries and collections, and reducing the number of vehicles on the road”, Victoria Wickenden, Operations Manager.

7. Illuminating the Path Forward

At Ruislip, one of our flagship facilities, we undertook a comprehensive overhaul, replacing over 3,000 lights with energy-efficient LED fixtures. This initiative not only promises significant energy savings but also underscores our commitment to sustainable practices. This has resulted in a 60% reduction in energy use.

Moving Forward with Purpose

From our baseline year of 2019, we’ve reduced energy consumption by a staggering 1,481,284 kWh, resulting in a commendable 52% reduction in our scope 1 and 2 emissions. This remarkable progress wouldn’t have been possible without the collective efforts of our dedicated team and unwavering commitment to sustainability.
As we continue our journey towards net zero emissions, Crown Worldwide remains steadfast in its pursuit of environmental stewardship and sustainable growth. Together, we’re shaping a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come.
For more information on our sustainability journey, read more about our three pillars of sustainability here!

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