Suddenly Find Yourself as a Passenger on the Group Move Roller Coaster?

What Will You Learn?
Learn about several key areas critical to executing a successful group move. What is your role in delivering on your company’s goals of acceptance and buy-in?

We will provide expertise and advice on:

  • informed/effective communication plans,
  • the importance and advantage of knowing your employees and their family situations,
  • how to help them envision themselves in their new location and strategy to get them there.
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About the Speaker and Author

Lisa Mendelsohn
Regional Director North America, Crown World Mobility

Lisa is responsible for creating and delivering strategy around account management and business development. She has extensive experience in leading global teams to deliver domestic and international relocation services to multinational clients. Over 15 years working in the mobility industry, Lisa has led, developed and executed strategies for a wide range of corporate mobility programs.

As an added bonus:

If you weren’t able to attend SHRM’s Talent Conference in Nashville April 8-10th, we will also send you our newest Group Moves whitepaper.

Moving a number of people at one time, from one location to another, brings a unique set of conditions and needs. To maintain workflow, retain key talent and manage costs, knowing the ins and outs of what makes a successful Group Move is imperative.

Contents include: unique aspects of a group move, planning and implementing a group move, group move pitfalls and how to know when your Group Move is successful.