Crown World Mobility Event in Basel on November 7th: “New focus on the accompanying partner – The Trailing Spouse”

Crown is happy to announce its first mobility event in Basel on Thursday November 7th which will be conducted in cooperation with Rylla Resler (co-author of The Trailing Spouse).

The importance of caring for the accompanying partner in relation to relocation is clear. How to do this most effectively is an ever evolving topic. It’s hard to know where to start!

First, it’s critical to highlight the expanded definition of an accompanying partner. With the term “Trailing Spouse” more than a decade behind us, we now know that the accompanying partner is more frequently than not someone with a career. Here we will look at some of the challenges the spouse faces, and the creative solutions that our Global Mobility Programs are putting into practice: partner career search support, intercultural training, local job opportunities, diverse peer networking communities, policy and communication updates, and more.


FOSSIL –  Riehenring 182, Basel (top floor)

After the event, all participants will have access to Fossil’s outlet shop and be granted a voucher of an additional 20% on outlet prices.

Our speaker

Rylla Resler is an author and educator, an American who moved to Basel with her family in 2008. With a degree in business, and experience working in corporations large and small, she parlayed her experience in business and training into teaching classes about how to live your best life abroad. She also co-authored The Trailing Spouse Reimagined, a book drawn from interviews with men and women all over Switzerland who moved for their partners’ careers. The book explores the real challenges and true joys of life abroad as seen from the partner’s perspective.

To register for this event, please click here.

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