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June 23 - 26,


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Las Vegas Convention Center
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Session Details

6/23/2019, 5pm (GMT-7)
Lisa Johnson - CWM
Andrew Collins - Bungalow

Are you ready to relocate GenY and GenZ employees?

Find out what makes this generation different

Join Lisa Johnson, Global Practice Leader, Consulting Services from Crown World Mobility and Andrew Collins, CEO and Co-Founder from Bungalow in the SHRM Exhibitor Solutions Theatre while they present quick trends around early career employees wanting the chance to live and work in new locations and how it links to recruiting and retaining talent.

Understand how this youngest generation is different from previous ones and what we hear from this generational workforce about where and how they like to live in one of the coolest areas of change; the housing market.

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About the Session Speakers

Lisa Johnson
Global Practice Leader, Consulting Services, Crown World Mobility

Lisa leads Crown’s global consulting strategy, including mobility program development and thought leadership. She is responsible for CWM’s Perspectives article and webinar series, research initiatives, and is a frequent presenter on issues impacting our industry. She has a strong background in Talent, ROI and D&I Mobility strategies.

Andrew Collins
CEO and Co-founder at Bungalow

Andrew is Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder at Bungalow, the world’s largest co-living company. Bungalow is a two-sided residential real estate platform creating a market between Millennials, GenY and GenZers who need a great home and Baby Boomers who own the existing housing supply.  The company was created out of the necessity to make America’s most expensive cities more welcoming and affordable for early career professionals who are increasingly priced out due to skyrocketing rents. Collins holds an A.B. in sociology from Princeton University and an M.B.A. from Wharton School of Business.