The working world continues to go through change, and the social and cultural values of employers become increasingly key in the acquisition and retention of staff.

The competition for talent is ongoing, and we now see some companies go to extraordinary lengths to ensure they are sourcing great employees. It’s easy to believe you’ve seen and done it all concerning mobility, especially if you’ve been in the industry a long time.

But there’s one talent pool that often gets overlooked: refugees and displaced persons.¬†

At the end of 2022, there were almost 110 million people worldwide who were forcibly displaced. So, what role can mobility play in this humanitarian issue?

In our latest video, Caitlin Pyett, Consulting Lead at Crown World Mobility, speaks to Holly Asquith, Head of UK Programs at Talent Beyond Boundaries, a non-profit organization that connects employers with skilled refugees and works with governments to open migration pathways.

The conversation covers the operations of Talent Beyond Boundaries, as well as the various benefits that come with considering refugees for the person themselves, the company, and the world as a whole.



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