Breaking down the barriers of international assignments

The prospect of living in another country may seem daunting, even overwhelming.

At Crown World Mobility we have over 50 years’ experience of relocating families all over the world, which means we probably have the answers to many of your questions.

This edition of The Crown Focus identifies the biggest barriers to relocation and provides some top tips for tackling expatriate concerns.

Our first article highlights the impact of moving on family life and provides five tips to ease your transition overseas – from keeping in touch with friends and family, to understanding the challenges that may lay ahead for your partner.

We also hear from Alyssa Bantle, Crown’s Global Curriculum Manager, on adjusting to life in a foreign culture. Here she takes a fun look at tipping etiquettes, as they can often mirror a country’s deeper cultural differences.

We then explore how choosing the right location can eliminate many concerns before your move, and provide some tips to keeping your expenses in order.

And finally, we talk to Kerry Higgins, Global Mobility and HR Supply Chain Manager at Lloyd’s Register, about how she overcame her concerns when she relocated to Hong Kong.

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