Big global mobility trends to watch in 2020

The business world is truly facing a new reality

Even before recent events we had seen significant changes: a combination of shifting political priorities; a breakdown of strong geopolitical agreements; rising concerns about the effects of climate change; and a generational shift that is influencing workplace values.

While businesses also respond to the Covid-19 crisis, new assumptions about corporate responsibilities and ways of working are more important than ever.

Insights to help you plan ahead amid Covid-19

From addressing sustainability priorities, to bringing employee mental health into the duty of care discussion, this white paper presents seven trends – and will help you plan for next steps and strategies in the months ahead.

Want to hear our experts discuss the white paper findings and share a few mobility hacks? Listen to this webinarIn light of recent developments, it also includes additional information on emergency preparedness as we know this is a challenge for many businesses.

You may also be interested in our latest article. It discusses the impact of Covid-19 on the Mobility Duty of Care discussion, including some mobility program enhancements and a newfound confidence in addressing mental well-being. Read it here.


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7 trends to help you plan ahead amid Covid-19