Confidence comes from good information, well managed

What could be better than having a clear view of all your assignee’s expenses? Crown’s Global Expense Management system gives you all data and reporting at your fingertips.

Our Global Expense Management system consists of services ranging from expense report reviews and account audits to calculations of gross up, lump sums, payment tracking, disbursements, accounts payable, payroll and tax firm IT interfaces.

One global system ensures everyone is sharing information and supporting your assignees

The unique design of Crown’s Global Expense Management system  offers controls, but remains flexible enough to meet your needs for reporting and tracking.

A better system begins with better data

A simple interface makes it easy for your assignees to submit accurate expense data, track their claims, and an efficient system ensures they are swiftly paid.

We speak your language

Managers can quickly get a handle on expenses paid with certainty, as all codes and descriptions match your existing accounting terminology.

Our Global Expense Management system processes assignment expenses and manages reimbursements for your employees. It ensures that costs are captured and makes it simpler to provide accurate reports to your organization and tax partners.

Efficient expense processing

Confidence for you and your assignees is the distinctive benefit of Crown’s Global Expense Management system.

A familiar on-line interface enables everyone to submit expense claims at any time and know that every expense report will be audited and processed according to your company’s policies.

Assignees can track claims on-line, and an efficient, automated system reduces payment times by either disbursing approved payments or issuing instructions to local payroll or finance departments.

Our team is available, live, to answer your employees, your suppliers or your questions relating to the expense. Your assignees can also be provided with our on-line expense tracking tools for their convenience.

Corporate policy support

One simple system ensures your policies are upheld throughout your international operations. Our accurate and consistent handling makes policy compliance more attainable. It gives you more control and reduces administrative effort by managing escalations through an agreed process, all tracked on-line.

Through our analysis of reimbursement denial/exceptions tracking, we help our clients identify trends and regularly recommend effective policy modifications.

Accurate cost distribution

Matching your accounting terms, codes and descriptions ensures that the right costs appear in the right place. Clarity of reporting is the result for you and your finance teams, enabling better cost allocation, budgeting, payroll additions and policy reviews.

*N.B. Crown provides alternative expense management solutions to restricted currency countries and reconciles disbursement accounts frequently to ensure continuity.

From ongoing rent, utility and tuition payments, to more complex compensation delivery, we’re able to cost-effectively and comprehensively support our clients’ international remuneration needs.

System integration seamlessly

To ensure the system works most efficiently for your operation, we can create custom interfaces to your payroll, accounts payable and your tax partners’ systems. Our systems have been custom-designed to support a client’s expense management requirements for relocation ‘events,’ as well as for ongoing assignment support.

Integrated reports can include other financial data to give you a better view of total assignment costs.

Other features

  • Stores expense data in a robust accounting system
  • Captures expenses and appends information such as GL codes, cost centers, assignment types and more
  • 200 customized Chart of Accounts
  • Records and reports multiple currencies and exchange rates
  • Enables on-line expense claims and global reporting
  • Flexible functionality enables integration with other cost data, providing a global view of assignees benefits and expenses
  • Employee File with Cost Centers and Client Identifiers
  • Sample Cost Entry Against Employee with Coding and Tax Flags.