Who's in control? Employee choice vs. managed moves

Who's in control? Employee choice vs. managed moves Our latest insight article looks at the growing trend for employee choice in corporate mobility programs. The article covers the flexible cash allowance; the employee experience; DIY, online purchasing and duty of care; the tech-driven experience; and the value of human support. 
Lisa Johnson, author of the article and Global Practice Leader at Crown World Mobility, says: “The growing DIY norm, innovative technology, and the inclusion of flexibility and choice in policy is leading many global companies to question what services are offered to relocating employees and how they are provided.”
The industry, Lisa explains, has dropped “one-size-fits-all” approaches in favor of “one-size-fits-none.” While this makes the provision and delivery of mobility programs more complex, it puts the relocating employee at the center of the process. This short article explores how new approaches and new technology can help when catering to the individual.