Growing our social commitments

We understand business can impact people, communities and the wider environment. Informing everything we do; our values make sure this influence is positive.


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Crown Brazil Leads the Way in Giving Back

Since 2019, our team has received  global recognitions thanks to the social responsibilities initiatives they execute monthly, in favor of the community and environment in Brazil. Learn more about our colleagues efforts in our latest report.

A life-long commitment

We are signatories to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the largest sustainability initiative in the world. This ensures our responsibilities towards human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption are always transparent, by reporting our performance on an annual basis.

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We also enforce high standards for our service partners who commit to uphold the highest ethical principles of business behavior and employment practices.

Building communities and protecting the environment

Our global presence requires giving back on a global level. Investing in local communities and maintaining local environments is one part of this. And our employees are allocated two paid days per year to participate in philanthropic initiatives.

We perform hundreds of voluntary activities on an annual basis. From planting trees to working with vulnerable people, this work gives employees the chance to put causes they think are important first.

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