Success opportunity comes out of COVID-19 challenge

Crown Brazil would like to share a case of success of a relocation service from São Paulo to Madrid for a VIP customer who left the country to assume new responsibilities in Europe as a legal representative of an international IT company.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the customer and her family decided to rush back to Spain before the borders closed and left their belongings behind. They trusted the local HR person would take care of their items and manage to securely send them back home with Crown’s support.

The issue is that the condominium owner was trying to keep Crown from entering the building, claiming it would bring risk to the residents. Fortunately, we could count on our lawyer’s support to prove that the service was essential for the family’s well-being and for avoiding extra costs on rental. We also proved that we were able to follow all the standard protocols as a responsible global company in order to keep everyone safe. So, Crown received an authorization from court to enter the building and proceed with the moving service.

Strong performance

The packing service was coordinated by our Mobility Advisor in Brazil and our external supervisor, who made sure all health safety standards protocols  were met by the Service Partners (wearing face masks, gloves and sanitizers; cleaning all the surroundings before and after the service; working with a minimum crew number). These are the procedures that Crown Brazil has been applying for the past few months in order to protect the team, customers and SPs.

The customs clearance usually takes around 30 days in Brazil, but we managed to make it happen in the record time of 10 days, so the moving is already on its way to Madrid. When the origin service was over, we received the following feedback from HR:

In the midst of a pandemic that we are facing, the service and the progress of all the change took place efficiently. The entire team was very understandable with all the difficulties that the condominium was causing, following all the health and safety requirements and procedures. In addition, they were always available and attentive to my requests. It was a hardworking, effective and friendly team. I sincerely thank you for everything.

HR responsible

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