Watch now! Preparing for post-crisis employee mobility

Strengthening current strategy and shaping remobilization

This fast-moving benchmarking and panel discussion focuses on 5 key areas – polls were used to measure audience opinion and commentary was provided on the live results.

If you missed the live session, download the recording to hear Lisa Johnson (Global Practice Leader, Consulting Services, Crown World Mobility) and special guests, Olivier Meier (Principal, Mercer’s Mobility Practice) and Liana Ciatto (Global VP, Account Management, Crown World Mobility) explore how other companies and Global Mobility professionals are preparing for the post-crisis movement of talent.

Underlying themes covered:

  1. Virtual assignments
  2. Health and safety of relocating employees and their families
  3. New realities of immigration barriers
  4. Cost savings vs. “whatever it takes to go” attitudes
  5. Local, regional or global – is one strategy emerging as the new workforce model?


Watch our panel discussion

Preparing for the movement of talent: 5 Covid-era themes explored!

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