Trends and future prospects of global mobility – an interview with Curt Smith

In an interview for Global Mobility Insider, Curt Smith (Group Vice President of Crown World Mobility), shares his experiences and the industry’s evolution. He discusses Crown World Mobility’s recent rebrand and how it better reflects the company’s identity and strategic goals.

With nearly 20 years’ experience in the global mobility industry, he has first-handedly seen its growth. He’s witnessed it transform from a “high-touch industry to lower-touch with greater reliance on technology.” Other global external factors such as compliance, data security and employee engagement have also been drivers for change.

Looking ahead, Curt predicts the future of global mobility. As the focus continues to be on diversity and inclusion, he notes how forward-thinking companies have already incorporated this into their global mobility programs. Flexibility within a policy is also crucial to the overall success of a relocation/assignment, and the importance of technology can’t be ignored. The dynamic nature of technology continues to create a spillover effect of constant change.

However, global mobility companies must learn how to efficiently harness their people with technology, and find the right balance as customer preferences/requirements may vary.

Read the full interview to learn more about Curt’s views.




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