Top 3 Global Mobility trends and innovations in 2022

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As we progress into 2022, it has become clear that Covid has had a long-reaching impact. There are, however, many encouraging points and areas of progress that have developed through this crisis. Theses have positively influenced business as a whole and the Global Mobility industry in particular.

As we continue to adapt to the changing world around us, the Global Mobility industry has reflected and experienced greater collaboration, flexibility and innovation. Once again this year’s annual list of mobility trends has been influenced by the new viewpoints that have occurred through the influences of Covid.

Insights to help you plan ahead

The main features of the trends we are focusing on this year highlight the themes of inclusion, cooperating and sustainability. We can see that the advancements around these themes are accelerating and affect both business as well as Global Mobility priorities and influence positive shifts in a number of ways.

Key points include:

– Covid drives both instability and creativity in mobility
– Global Diversity, Equality & Inlcusion (DEI)
– Sustainability and mobility with purpose


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