What’s changed in global mobility? Literally, EVERYTHING!

The newest edition of Worldwide ERC’s Mobility Magazine is an eye-opening bird’s eye view of what the last 12 months living in a new normal has been like for not only our industry, but for those living the mobility lifestyle. The only thing we can do is start to move forward and take key learnings from what 2020 dished out. 

Lisa Johnson, Global Practice Leader, Consulting Services, at Crown World Mobility, was featured in Mobility Magazine’s February edition to discuss how the coronavirus and other events in 2020 affected the employee mobility experience and what we have to look forward to in 2021:

  • Technology will help mobility professionals to be even more flexible with global employee relocation software that will especially help companies stay compliant.
  • In 2020 companies had to focus on duty of care, including mental health and well-being, going forward it is going to be easier for companies to address these concerns since the pandemic made it easier and more open to have the discussion.
  • Opportunities for more transferees, which helps everyone, wasn’t only about the pandemic. The social justice movement triggered a global response to do more. Having a diversity program embedded in a mobility strategy, will help further that goal.

For more information on the employee’s mobility experience and see changes to our industry from A to Z click here to download the magazine article.