Group Move planning during Covid-19

Top things to consider

The full impact of Covid-19 will not be known until it’s far behind us. However, what is already clear is that many businesses will be making organizational and strategic shifts to adjust to new realities. Some are already making difficult decisions in order to survive. Others are seeing increasing demand and expanding into new markets.

Mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, expansions and geographic shifts based on economic changes – these are the activities that often drive Group Moves.

Getting ahead of Group Move planning

From exploring the unique aspects of Group Moves and their challenges, to providing seven essential support activities, this white paper will help you:

  • Develop Group Move specific policy
  • Implement move-decision support activities
  • Design an effective retention program
  • Prepare managers for their role

All within the context of the current pandemic.


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7 essential Group Move planning support activities